Managing our Environmental Impact

Even though we have less of an effect on the environment than industrial companies, we still pay significant attention to minimizing our own environmental impact. So as to develop and implement an effective set of measures in this field, we need to manage our impact on the environment through monitoring and analysis.

For its corporate stationary, the Bank uses paper produced without the use of environmentally harmful bleaching agents. The Bank consumes about 400 tonnes of stationary produced using such paper each year.

We produce waste in the process of our operations like any other major business. At our premises we run a separated waste collection system, which at our Central Head Office alone has helped save at least RUB 8 million.

In 2011, as a part of the Bank’s environmental management system, we adopted a Regulation on Operational Environmental Monitoring. All regional banks have prepared Action Plans for Environmental Protection and Rational Resource Use for 2012. We are currently developing an integrated database to collect and consolidate data about the Bank’s environmental performance.

Fuel and water consumption by the Bank

Consumption 2011
  Amount Cost, RUB thousand
Petrol fuel, l 34,375,819 793,017
Diesel fuel, l 9,833,126 221,374
Water, m3 5,169,243 253,602
New Communications Technologies

Given the scale and geography of the Bank’s operations, car, rail and air travel by our employees is a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions. Seeking to reduce both emissions and costs, we, wherever possible, replace business travel with video conferencing, IP conference calls and other solutions based on the latest information and communications technology. Moreover, by developing remote service channels, we reduce the need for our customers to travel to our outlets.


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