Improving Energy Efficiency

Improving energy efficiency is an important priority in the Bank’s drive to reduce its environmental footprint. The Bank uses a Corporate Energy Saving Methodology based on green technologies to evaluate its premises in terms of energy efficiency and water efficiency, the quality of materials used and the environment both inside the building and in surrounding areas, taking into account the specifics of the facility’s location.

Energy consumption by the Bank

Energy source 2011
  Amount Cost, RUB thousand
Electricity, kWh/GJ 829,754,538 / 2,987,116 3,183,687
Heat, Gcal/GJ 1,191,541 / 5,004,472 1,233,107
Natural gas, m3 18,619,647 79,368
Coal, tonnes 1,161 3,464
Wood fuel, m3 1,082 708
Kerosene, l 4,520 102
Fuel oil, tonnes 48 116
Measures to Improve Energy Efficiency

In 2011, the Uralsky Bank installed energy efficient lighting systems and systems to control resource consumption and minimise heat losses at its premises.

The regional bank installed automated metering systems and heat recovery and free cooling systems. Modern insulation materials, as well as insulated glazing filled with inert gases, were used in new construction projects.

The use of these energy saving technologies is expected to result in annual savings of RUB 17.8 million at the regional bank’s new building, the Customer Operations Support Centre and the United Cash and Settlement Centre thanks to more efficient energy use.

Over the last three years, the Bank has extended loans for 50 energy saving and energy efficiency improvement projects with total investments worth some RUB 315 billion. Of this amount, RUB 250 billion was invested in the energy sector to finance the modernisation of existing power generating facilities and the construction of new plants and for measures to reduce power transmission losses.

Together with industrial companies in the energy and metals sectors, Sberbank has been preparing over 20 major projects worth some RUB 1.8 trillion to modernise core production facilities with the goal of achieving improvements in energy efficiency.


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