Our Construction Projects

The Banks strives to use the most environmentally friendly technologies and solutions in the construction of new buildings and when modernising existing facilities. One example of the use of modern energy efficient solutions is Sberbank’s South Port data processing centre. The building features an innovative PAHU adiabatic cooling system (cooling through water evaporation), an LED lighting system, a state-of-the-art building automation system (providing smart control of the lighting and access systems and of workstation power supply, amongst others). As the next step in improving our IT infrastructure, we plan to build a second data processing centre as part of the government’s Skolkovo project.

In constructing our Customer Operations Support Centres, we also rely on green construction principles. This involves:

  • Building facilities in suburban areas
  • Achieving maximum utility autonomy
  • Installing large windows that let in as much natural light as possible for workplaces
  • Employing innovative heat and power supply systems
  • Standardising office layouts
  • Meeting the latest international requirements for efficient and comfortable office buildings.

Environmental aspects are also taken into account in designing and constructing the campus for our Corporate University. Features worthy of special mention include a precision air conditioning system to optimise indoor airflows, energy-efficient LED lighting, a “green roof” (moss and lichen are planted on the roof), improved insulation, low emission glazing, modern gas-fired generators and a highly effective wastewater treatment system.


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