Interview Kuznetsov

Stanislav Kuznetsov Member and Deputy Chairman of the Management Board
>> One of our most significant achievements in 2011 was that we were able to bid farewell to a huge legacy of unfinished construction projects that had been delayed by reasons out of our control

Sberbank has always been involved in several major, long-term construction projects spanning periods of five to eight years, or sometimes even fifteen, as was the case in Vladivostok. Over the past year, we worked together with our regional banks to implement a programme aimed at tackling the issue of unfinished construction projects. I can now proudly say all our projects are running smoothly as planned in a controlled fashion. This is very important in the context of our plans to reformat our customer service outlets and transform the back office function.

In 2011, we completed the construction of several major infrastructure facilities. In designing our new infrastructure, we think not of tomorrow’s world, but further into the future, I could perhaps call it “the day after tomorrow”. Once construction is complete and Sberbank employees show up for their first day of work at our new facilities, we want them to have access to tomorrow’s technologies and solutions. This is what drives us to incorporate the most advanced technologies, including energy efficiency solutions, into our projects. Last year we implemented several projects of note in this area. The most important was our South Port data processing centre, which will play a key role in consolidating the Bank’s IT systems and processes. The centre will also help substantially reduce the time-to-market of new banking products by enabling more effective support of corresponding organisational units.

Another significant result from the reporting year was the construction of a unique archive and logistics centre in Tomilino. Construction of this centre helped us address the problem of managing our extensive archives in a radical way. The centre will support the operations of our Central Head Office, as well as the Moskovsky, Srednerussky and Severny Banks. When designing and building the centre, we integrated advanced warehousing and archive management technologies, creating a large-scale solution for automated storage and retrieval of archive materials. Currently the Centre is in the testing stage. We also embarked on a programme to modernise our unique 43,000 sq. m. cash management centre on Moscow’s Volgogradsky Prospekt. This facility, which uses state-of-the-art technology, is currently the only one of its kind in Russia. Finally, in 2011, we dedicated considerable effort to construct a campus for our Corporate University on the banks of the Istra River. The campus is designed to create a comfortable environment for living and learning. We plan to complete the project in 2012.

One priority objective is introducing a comprehensive electronic document management system. Such systems have already been deployed at our Central Head Office and at six regional banks

We are making determined efforts to expand the use of energy saving technologies and have outlined some conceptual approaches in this area. We only install energy-efficient lighting systems at all of our new or modernised facilities. Another example is the use of cold air from outside to cool server rooms during the winter at our data processing centre instead of relying on traditional cooling equipment that uses a lot of energy. We also plan to implement a major federal energy saving programme.

One priority objective is introducing a comprehensive electronic document management system. Such systems have already been deployed at our Central Head Office and at six regional banks. The systems helped substantially reduce paper consumption and the labour intensity of document management within the Bank. All documents are now scanned and circulated in electronic form and paper documents have almost been phased out completely. It is now difficult to imagine our work without such a system; paperless document management has become the norm for us.


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