Children’s Home Support Programme

Sberbank identified helping children as one of the priority areas in its corporate charity programme for 2011. The Bank supports children’s homes with donations and also provides mentorship and legal and psychological counselling, as well as assistance in training and employment. In 2011, as part of the corporate sponsorship programme, the Bank supported 239 children’s homes and organised some 1,500 events in which some 5,000 Sberbank employees took part.

SOS Children’s Village

One of Sberbank’s important initiatives to support children is the SOS Children’s Village project, which began in 2010. The overall cost of the project is RUB 24.4 million. The idea of children’s villages was conceived in Austria in 1949 when the war left an enormous number of children without parental care. It was then that they started to build villages containing a number of separate houses, on average 15, instead of traditional orphanages. A family living in such a house cares for five to ten children. Six such villages have already been built in Russia — one of them, in Pskov, with Sberbank’s help.


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