Interview Kuznetsov

Stanislav Kuznetsov Member and Deputy Chairman of the Management Board
>> For many years Sberbank has supported different initiatives and projects in socially significant areas such as culture and the arts, education, health care, sport and business — areas that form the foundation for the development of our society. We have also not forgotten those who need help more often than others — children, the disabled and veterans

We launched a programme to sponsor children’s homes. In 2011, this programme involved a number of different events and projects. Let me give an example. All of the members of the Management Board bought sports equipment for a children’s home in Klin with our own money and travelled to the town to build a sports facility ourselves. We then spent the day playing with the children and gave them our gifts. At first the children seemed a little ill at ease but the sheer joy in their eyes inspired us all. For us it was an unforgettable day. And Sberbank carries out such projects across the entire country; today we support almost 240 children’s homes. There are many examples of our employees adopting children from those children’s homes, something that has almost become a new corporate tradition.

In the year of Sberbank’s 170th a nniversary, we presented a real gift to the children’s homes we sponsor in various regions of Russia. The world-renowned Sergey Obraztsov Puppet Theatre gave a series of special performances in a tour that was a true delight for these children that so desperately need support from adults.

In the year of Sberbank’s 170 th anniversary, we presented a real gift to the children’s homes we sponsor in various regions of Russia

Another prominent project involved a series of educational events for the general public. We invited the world’s best managers and authors of business literature to give lectures in Russia and we made these lectures public, inviting students to them. The response was huge. The series of events was closed with an international conference held at the Gostiny Dvor exhibition centre in Moscow under the banner New Management Technologies. What Will Change the World?


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