Healthy Lifestyle

We care about the health of our employees and work to promote a healthy lifestyle. In 2011, over 1,200 large-scale sports events with more than 70,000 participants were organised in order to engage employees in sport and fitness on a regular basis.

Sberbank Winter Olympics in Ufa

One of the most prominent events in Sberbank’s corporate life in 2011 was the 4th All- Russia Sberbank Winter Olympics organised by the Bank’s Central Head Office with the involvement of the Uralsky Bank. A total of 641 Bank employees competed in the games. The competitions were held over three days in six disciplines: ice hockey, biathlon, cross-country and alpine skiing, speed skating and snowboarding.

Athletes battled it out for 27 sets of medals. The Uralsky Bank, whose athletes took home 12 medals, were the undisputed champions for the first time in the history of the competition in 2011. Srednerussky Bank was second, followed by Povolzhsky Bank. The event was held in a warm, friendly atmosphere and even temperatures occasionally dropping to below -30°C were unable to disrupt the games. Such events help strengthen our corporate culture and demonstrate our employees’ commitment and ability to achieve great things.

Sberbank’s new construction projects provide for the creation of the Bank’s own health and fitness centres: in 2011, such centres were launched at the Srednerussky, Baikalsky, Dalnevostochny and Severny regional banks, and at the Central Head Office.

All-Russia Special Combined Events Competitions

In 2011, the Severny Bank supported the hosting of professional competitions between employees from the cash collection and security divisions of the Bank’s Central Head Office and regional and subsidiary banks.

Participants tested their skills in shooting Makarov pistols and Kalashnikov rifles, driving on a specially designed obstacle course and in a special relay. The contestants also put their medical skills to the test and engaged in hand-to-hand combat. The event also saw the demonstration of new armoured cash-in-transit vehicles, as well as technical innovations, new equipment and training gear.


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