Occupational Health and Safety

Creating and maintaining safe working conditions for our employees is a priority for us. The Bank carries out regular measurements of lighting conditions, microclimate parameters and electromagnetic fields in the workplace. The position of Occupational Health and Safety engineer has been introduced at all regional banks and at the Central Head Office.

Sberbank maintain statistics on occupational injuries, analyses them and takes preventative measures. There were no fatalities at the Bank in 2011.

Number of occupational injuries in 2011

Division Total number of occupational injuries
Baikalsky Bank 13
Volgo-Viatsky Bank 19
Vostochno-Sibirsky Bank 2
Dalnevostochny Bank 14
Zapadno-Sibirsky Bank 7
Zapadno-Uralsky Bank 9
Moskovsky Bank 12
Povolzhsky Bank 28
Severny Bank 10
Severo-Vostochny Bank 3
Severo-Zapadny Bank 24
Severo-Kavkazsky Bank 4
Sibirsky Bank 16
Srednerussky Bank 10
Uralsky Bank 23
Tsentralno-Chernozemny Bank 21
Yugo-Zapadny Bank 16
Central Head Office 7
Total 238


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