Employee Health

The Bank employs a series of measures to protect the health of its employees. These include in-depth medical check-ups for timely diagnosis of diseases and physicians working at Bank offices. We also run voluntary medical insurance (VMI) schemes to provide quality medical aid in case of illness and the necessary financial support in case of serious illness or injury (under our accident and serious illness insurance programme).

Over 85% of employees underwent medical check-ups between 1 July 2010 and 31 July 2011. The high participation rate reflects the convenience of the process, as employees undergo check-ups during working hours in accordance with a pre-defined schedule. The programme helped identify serious illnesses, including cancer and cardiovascular diseases, at their early stages, in some cases saving our employees’ lives.

Physicians working at the Bank’s large offices provide emergency medical aid and first aid, as well as consultations regarding available health services and medical insurance programmes.

Voluntary medical insurance (with 50% of the cost paid by the Bank) provides employees with access to a full range of high-quality health services (outpatient services, ambulance service and inpatient care).

An injury and serious illness insurance programme financed by the Bank allows employees to pay for costly medical interventions if required.


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