Interview Kuznetsov

Stanislav Kuznetsov Member and Deputy Chairman
of the Management Board
>> Corporate social responsibility at Sberbank is a system of guiding principles. In my view, one of the most important principles is customer focus. Our customers and their satisfaction with the Bank’s services is our main priority

Our proactive position with regard to corporate social responsibility creates ample opportunity for Sberbank’s team. In 2011, we took several important steps in customer relations. Among other initiatives, we launched an occupational pension programme, providing an opportunity for the Bank’s employees to increase their pension savings.

We pay special attention to the health of our staff. I would like to highlight the Bank’s injury insurance programme, medical insurance scheme and the system of medical check-ups. We also take care to provide our staff with quality cooked meals. Employees at the Bank are offered not only lunch but also breakfast and dinner. Moreover, we organise special events to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage people to give up smoking.

I would like to mention that Sberbank has an active labour union. 2011 was the first year of a new collective agreement

The Bank’s employees are very involved in sport. In 2011, the Sberbank Winter Olympics were held in Ufa. We have proved that we love sport and are able to achieve outstanding results. The sports events organised by the Bank are greatly appreciated and supported by our employees.

I would like to mention that Sberbank has an active labour union. 2011 was the first year of a new collective agreement. Today our engagement with the union is a regular, well-organised process. Twice a year the Bank’s management meets union leaders from all over the country. Such meetings help us hear “the union voice” and understand what we are doing wrong. All regional banks have in place labour dispute committees. We also support a number of the union’s initiatives, including the creation of a summer holiday village for employees and the organisation of summer recreation for employee’s children.

We have not forgotten about our pensioners and veterans, to whom we provide support. In 2011, we substantially improved our work in this area, which was acknowledged by the federal authorities. We organise special events for our veterans; identify those in particular need of care, support and medical treatment; and subsidise their treatment at health resorts.


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