Internal Communication

Sberbank strives to build a highly productive team, whose effectiveness is supported by a shared corporate culture and a common information space. The key communication instruments in this space include the corporate Intranet portal, the Good Morning Sberbank and Sberbank Day by Day newsletters, the monthly address from the CEO and Chairman of the Management Board and the corporate newspaper My Sberbank. An important employee communication event in 2011 was a hotline session with Sberbank’s CEO and Chairman of the Management Board, held for the second year in a row.

I Ask for the Floor: A Conversation with the CEO

A hotline session with Herman Gref, Sberbank CEO and Chairman of the Management Board, titled “I Ask for the Floor: A Conversation with the CEO”, was held on 2 December 2011. Over 22,000 employees watched the live broadcast of the event — 7,000 more than in 2010.

During the event, which lasted for three hours, Sberbank’s CEO answered almost 60 questions both in an extended form and in the form of a brief Q&A. Participants used video conferences, email and text messages to ask questions about the Bank’s development prospects, ongoing activities and personal time management practices. In his closing remarks, the CEO emphasised the importance of the event, particularly highlighting its significance as a forum for sharing information and defining future development priorities.

Employee survey results

The introduction of the new motivation system, remuneration and HR policy
The main topics of interest for Sberbank employees in 2011
Innovation by employees and customers, the Ideas Exchange and crowdsourcing
Employee training
Benefits and social security
New technologies and IT
Photos with the Sberbank Flag

As one initiative aimed at strengthening the Bank’s corporate culture, it was suggested that employees take photographs of themselves in front of a Sberbank flag during the summer months and long holidays. The initiative proved very popular, with thousands of people submitting pictures. We saw photographs at border posts, the North Pole and even underwater. Pictures of employees skydiving with the Sberbank flag, at dawn at Lake Baikal and of many other interesting moments in the lives of our team in 2011 were put on display in the lobby of the Bank’s headquarters in Moscow.


My Annual Report

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