Investing in human capital

Sberbank is one of Russia’s top five employers. As of 31 December 2011 its workforce amounted to 241,000 people. The Bank views its investment in human capital as an essential factor in achieving its strategic goals.

Employee training is one of the key factors that help boost staff performance. We want our employees to possess the most advanced skills and knowledge. To achieve this, we continuously improve our training programmes, many of them being unique in terms of their scale.

With regard to employee motivation, it is very important for us to ensure the right balance between tangible and intangible rewards. We view the latter in the context of our corporate culture, as a means of encouraging our employees to be proud of their achievements and supporting their thirst for self-development.

A significant aspect of our employee relations activities is the identification of key topics of interest to our staff. The Bank regularly conducts employee satisfaction surveys, using the results to define development priorities.

Protecting the health of our employees is a priority in the Bank’s internal social policy and an important element of our social responsibility as a good corporate citizen. We offer a social package to our employees that includes healthcare in the workplace, various medical programmes and an occupational pension scheme. Sberbank pays serious attention to occupational health and safety and promotes a healthy lifestyle for its employees.


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