Socially Oriented Products

We actively develop socially oriented products and services targeting different customer groups. Special targeted programmes help us expand the Bank’s customer base. In 2011, we both continued to use our existing socially oriented products and introduced new offerings.

Brief information about the Bank’s socially oriented products

Offerings for Young People
Consumer loan A loan for young people aged between 18 and 20 guaranteed by their parents. Loan conditions stipulate a reduced required length of current employment of 4 months. There are no requirements on the overall length of employment.
Educational loan A loan to cover the cost of education at an educational institution registered in the Russian Federation. For young people aged 14 or above and their representatives.
State-subsidised educational loan A loan for people aged 14 or above entering into higher education for the first time in certain subjects at universities selected for the pilot programme.
The government partially subsidises interest payments on educational loans and also partially compensates unpaid loans to the lender.
Young person’s credit card A card for customers aged between 18 and 30, with simplified requirements regarding proof of income and length of employment. The card has a youth oriented design.
Young person’s debit card A card for customers aged between 14 and 25 with lower service rates. The card can be ordered on the Bank’s young person website.
Card design can be customised.
Offerings for pensioners
Consumer loans, car loans Special reduced interest rates and a simplified application procedure for retail customers receiving their pensions in Sberbank accounts.
Pension Plus deposit A fixed-term deposit account into which pensions are paid. Customers are allowed to add and withdraw money from the deposit (maintaining a minimum balance of RUB 1). Since 2011, the Bank has been implementing a project to transfer pensioners to card-based services. Customers who receive their pensions on their Sberbank Social Maestro Card earn interest on their account balance at an annual rate of 3.5% (in Rubles).
Save / Save Online deposits Regardless of deposit size, customers eligible to receive a pension earn interest at the maximum possible rate. There is no limitation on the maximum deposit size.
Offerings for civil and military pensioners , persons receiving unemploy - ment benefit and mothers receiving child benefit
Sberbank Social Maestro Card A card with minimum commission fees. Effective since 1 March 2012, customers do not pay cash withdrawal charges and service charges.
Offerings for smallholders
Smallholder loan A loan available at a much lower rate than consumer loans for individuals with smallholdings. There is the opportunity for partial subsidising of interest payments by the government.

Outstanding loans for certain socially oriented products

Year Outstanding loans for certain socially oriented products, RUB million
  Young Family loan,
RUB million
Educational and State-
Subsidised Educational
loans, RUB million
Smallholder loans,
RUB million
2008 81,542 140 12,584
2009 96,465 227 12,232
2010 128,127 316 12,873
2011 157,221 378 15,982

In 2012, over 4,000 retail trade and service outlets targeting pensioners as a customer group agreed to provide discounts to holders of Sberbank Social Maestro Cards.

Providing home loans and mortgages to retail customers is an important objective for the Bank’s business, the larger national economy and the social well being of Russian citizens. At the end of the year, outstanding loans in this category accounted for 43% of the Bank’s overall retail loan portfolio, while their total worth reached RUB 777.4 billion. Sberbank contributes to the implementation of government initiatives and programmes aimed at providing socially oriented financial services in the field of home loans and mortgages.

Sberbank’s home loan and mortgage products and services

Sberbank participation in Federal projects and programmes
2011-2015 Federal Targeted Housing Programme Entering into agreements with regional authorities on tailored conditions for home loans, reduced interest rates and accepting State Housing Certificates as down payment
Vnesheconombank’s investment programme for the construction of affordable housing and mortgages in 2010-2012 Our Government-Supported Mortgage product is provided to finance the acquisition of complete or partially constructed housing from a legal entity. It uses the property being acquired or another property as collateral. The annual interest rate is no more than 11% (after mortgage registration).
Federal Law dated 12 January 1995 No. 5-FZ On Veterans Mortgage loans to acquire property to improve housing conditions for veterans and disabled veterans of the Second World War eligible for corresponding social benefits.
Federal Law dated 20 August 2004 No. 117-FZ On the Accumulative Mortgage System for Providing Military Personnel with Housing Military Mortgage product launched using the Bank’s loan funds and government-subsidised loans provided within the Targeted Home Loan programme. Currently the product is offered by several regional banks, including the Severo-Zapadny, Zapadno-Uralsky, Uralsky, Sibirsky, Zapadno-Sibirsky and Yugo-Zapadny Banks. By September 2012, all Sberbank’s regional banks will offer this product.
Providing home loans to certain customer categories
Young families Special terms and conditions on home loans for families in which at least one partner is under 35 and single-parent families with a child.
Families with two or more children Home loan with the opportunity to use child benefit or a part thereof as down payment.
Residents of the Krasnodar Territory Joint pilot project with the regional government to create Building and Loan Associations aimed at improving housing conditions for low-income groups that have no funds to use as a down payment.
Helping Young Teachers

The Severo-Vostochny Regional Bank and the municipal government of Magadan concluded an agreement on cooperation in the implementation of a home loan programme for young teachers living in Magadan. The aim of the agreement is to support young teachers as part of efforts to address the deficit of teachers in the city’s schools.

According to the agreement, the Bank will provide home loans under specially tailored conditions to young teachers enrolled in the programme, while the municipal government will provide a down payment as a non-repayable subsidy. If a participant continues to work in the school throughout the entire loan period, the municipal government will also subsidise half of his or her interest payments.


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