Developing our Branch and Subsidiary Network Abroad

As of 31 December 2011, Sberbank had a branch office in India and two representative offices in Germany and China. The Sberbank Group included three subsidiary banks based in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus.

In February 2012, Sberbank closed a deal to acquire a 100% stake in Volksbank International AG — an Eastern European subsidiary of Austria’s Oesterreichische Volksbanken AG banking group. The deal will give Sberbank access to the markets of Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sberbank also acquired a 99.145% stake in the Swiss bank SLB Commercial Bank AG. Sberbank intends to use the new asset as a base to develop its European syndicated lending and trade finance business, alongside other financial services for major customers.

Sberbank’s branch office in India

Sberbank’s branch office in India (New Delhi) was established as a strategic platform for the development of Sberbank’s business, primarily for handling foreign trade settlement flows between India and Russia and other CIS states in which Sberbank conducts its business. At the 3rd Russia-India Business Dialogue Forum in October 2011, Sberbank received an award as the Best Russian Company in India.

Representative office in Germany

This representative office’s key objectives are to build and maintain Sberbank’s reputation in Germany and other EU countries as one of the largest and most reliable banks, and to assist the Bank’s various business units in their interactions with German partners.

In 2011, the representative office provided comprehensive support to Sberbank during the acquisition of Volksbank International AG. It also helped organise a meeting of the Economic Elders Club at which top German political and business officials were present, and supported participation by Sberbank’s management in Euro Finance Week — a leading venue for meetings between European political and business leaders.

Representative office in China

The main objective of Sberbank’s representative office in China is to develop relationships with local banking, commercial and government entities in order to promote the business of the Bank and its clients in the region. In 2011, the representative office worked with Chinese financial institutions to actively expand cooperation in areas such as correspondent banking and trade finance.

Subsidiary banks

In 2011, an important focus in the activities of our subsidiary banks was integrating their businesses into Sberbank’s unified systems. In April, we launched the Common Card Tariff Space project, which allows holders of international cards issued by any of the Group’s banks to be serviced at any other Group bank at preferential rates. We also launched a programme to implement our Loan Factory credit risk management technology at subsidiary banks. Siebel CRM software was deployed at all subsidiary banks. Additionally, we began implementation of a new Oliver Wyman credit process. Subsidiary banks were included in the Group’s integrated risk management programme. A number of key decisions relating to the integration of subsidiary bank IT infrastructure were taken in 2011, including approval of a list of shared IT platforms.

JSC Sberbank of Russia (Ukraine)

This subsidiary is one of the fastest growing banks in Ukraine. Throughout 2011, its assets grew 70% to reach RUB 69.4 billion, while its loan portfolio increased twofold, reaching RUB 53 billion. The bank’s branch network has grown to include 130 offices. At the end of 2011, the National Bank of Ukraine included JSC Sberbank of Russia in the list of Ukraine’s largest banks by asset size.

Throughout the year, the subsidiary bank was able to improve its position in many national market rankings. In terms of net assets it rose from 22nd to 17th place, for loans to corporate customers — from 19th to 11th position, for amounts due to corporate customers — from 22nd to 15th place, and for amounts due to individuals — from 24th to 17th position.

SB JSC Sberbank (Kazakhstan)

The subsidiary bank, which has been operating in Kazakhstan for 5 years, has 95 outlets across the country and its head office in Almaty. The bank’s customer base includes over 15,000 legal entities and 222,000 individuals. The bank operates 1,600 cash machines and self-service terminals.

The Kazakhstan subsidiary is the biggest in Sberbank’s international network by asset size. In a ranking of second-tier banks in Kazakhstan, the bank was ranked 4th by profit, 7th by asset size and 8th by net worth.

OJSC BPS-Sberbank (Belarus)

The subsidiary bank’s customer base includes over 29,000 legal entities and 1.5 million individuals. The branch network includes 195 offices. The bank occupies a strong position as the third largest in Belarus by asset size, loan portfolio and amounts due to customers. Over the year, the bank’s share in the country’s banking sector increased: in terms of asset size from 7.7% to 9.8%, in terms of loans to corporate customers from 8.2% to 10.3% and in terms of retail customer deposits from 9.3% to 10.7%.

A rebranding programme was launched in 2011, under which the bank’s name was changed from OJSC BPS-Bank to OJSC BPS-Sberbank.

Regional banks as of 1 January 2012

Regional bank Areas served Branches Customer service outlets
Baikalsky Bank Zabaikalsky Territory, Irkutsk Region, Republic of Buryatia 10 529
Volgo-Viatsky Bank Nizhniy Novgorod Region, Vladimir Region, Kirov Region, Republic of Mordovia, Republic of Mariy-El, Republic of Chuvashia, Republic of Tatarstan 57 2,148
Vostochno-Sibirsky Bank Krasnoyarsk Territory, Republic of Tyva, Republic of Khakassia 12 422
Dalnevostochny Bank Khabarovsk Territory, Primorski Territory, Amur Region, Sakhalin Region, Jewish Autonomous Region 7 444
Zapadno-Sibirsky Bank Tyumen Region, Omsk Region, Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District — Yugra, Yamalo-Nenetsky Autonomous District 21 802
Zapadno-Uralsky Bank Perm Territory, Komi Republic, Republic of Udmurtia 32 823
Moskovsky Bank Moscow 0 753
Povolzhsky Bank Samara Region, Ulyanovsk Region, Orenburg Region, Saratov Region, Volgograd Region, Astrakhan Region, Penza Region 62 2,707
Severny Bank Yaroslavl Region, Kostroma Region, Ivanovo Region, Vologda Region, Arkhangelsk Region, Nenetsky Autonomous District 16 721
Severo-Vostochny Bank Magadan Region, Kamchatka Territory, Chukchi Autonomous District, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) 15 251
Severo-Zapadny Bank St. Petersburg, Leningrad Region, Murmansk Region, Kaliningrad Region, Pskov Region, Novgorod Region, Republic of Karelia 5 1,076
Severo-Kavkazsky Bank Stavropol Territory, Republic of Ingushetia, Republic of North Ossetia — Alania, Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, Republic of Dagestan, Karachai-Circassian Republic, Republic of Kalmykia, Chechen Republic 27 513
Sibirsky Bank Novosibirsk Region, Tomsk Region, Kemerovo Region, Altai Territory, Republic of Altai 38 1,394
Srednerussky Bank Moscow Region, Tver Region, Kaluga Region, Bryansk Region, Smolensk Region, Tula Region, Ryazan Region 59 1,644
Uralsky Bank Sverdlovsk Region, Chelyabinsk Region, Kurgan Region, Republic of Bashkortostan 58 1,645
Tsentralno- Chernozemny Bank Voronezh Region, Orel Region, Lipetsk Region, Kursk Region, Belgorod Region, Tambov Region 39 1,432
Yugo-Zapadny Bank Rostov Region, Krasnodar Territory, Republic of Adygeya 47 1,422


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