Branch Network

One of our competitive advantages is the Bank’s extensive branch network, which spans across the entire Russian Federation and also includes foreign assets (subsidiary banks and a branch office).

Branch Network in the Russian Federation

Sberbank’s regional network in the Russian Federation includes over 19,200 customer service outlets in all of Russia’s regions.

Evolution of Sberbank’s branch network

Organisational units 2010 2011 2012
Sberbank units in the Russian Federation, incl.: 19,723 19,420 19,249
Regional banks 18 17 17
Branches 602 521 505
Customer service outlets, incl.: 19,103 18,882 18,727
Additional offices, incl.: 10,082 10,069 10,494
Offices serving retail customers 7,397 7,429 7,997
Universal offices 2,559 2,515 2,373
Offices serving corporate customers 126 125 124
Operations offices 8 236 588
Cash transaction desks on third-party premises 8,931 8,492 7,547
Mobile cash transaction desks 82 85 98

Sberbank recognises its responsibility to society in providing Russians with accessible high-quality banking services, particularly in remote and economically underdeveloped areas.

It is this recognition of our social role that to a significant extent dictates the geography of our branch network: over half of our customer service outlets (54%) are based in rural areas and urban-type communities, i.e. in areas where demand for retail banking services is low.

Today we are exploring several approaches towards improving access to our services in rural areas. One of the key ideas is to use quick build modular offices and service centres. We also plan to organise transportation services to bring customers from remote communities to our existing offices on a regular basis. We have already begun this effort and the first pilot projects have proven suitably successful.

In remote areas with underdeveloped transport infrastructure, Sberbank uses mobile service outlets, each of which provides banking services to several communities. Currently the Bank has some 100 mobile offices with their number gradually growing. Mobile offices provide services most popular among rural customers, primarily deposit transactions.

Where technical conditions in rural areas allow, the Bank installs self-service units (cash machines and payment terminals), which allow customers to perform the transactions they need.

Availability of Sberbank services in economically underdeveloped and sparsely populated regions

  Availability of services (thousand residents per Sberbank service outlet) Sberbank share in the total number of banking service outlets in the region, %
  2010 2011 2010 2011
National average 7.5 7.6 50 48.1
Economically underdeveloped regions 6.8 6.8 57 57
Sparsely populated regions 8.6 8.6 50 44


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