Ensuring accessibility of banking services

A focus on ensuring banking services are accessible has been a distinguishing feature of Sberbank throughout its entire 170-year history. Since its very establishment, the Bank has strived to ensure its operations encompass a broad geography and that its services are accessible to all social groups.

Today we maintain and advance this focus in several areas of activity at once.

The bank continues to develop its branch network, which remains its main service channel. We work to create the most advanced and customer-friendly offices, design special office formats for different customer groups and dramatically change the very philosophy of retail banking services.

The development of remote service channels and our network of self-service terminals is one of the Bank’s key approaches towards expanding the accessibility of our services. By improving the functionality of these channels and introducing additional features, we make the Bank’s services available on a 24/7 basis.

Through offering a line of socially oriented products and services, we strive to make banking services accessible to customer groups of varying economic status.

Providing home loans and mortgages is one of the most popular banking services. It carries considerable social significance in Russia. Our objective is to make mortgage services accessible to most of Russia’s citizens, a goal we keep in mind when making decisions on how to develop these products.

Sberbank pays special attention to making its services accessible to those with disabilities. We take into account the special needs and requirements of this group and work to make their interaction with the Bank as comfortable and convenient as possible.


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