Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Service Quality

We must improve the quality of customer service in order to continue to grow and develop the Bank’s business and to maintain a competitive edge. We rely on a thorough analysis of customer feedback on our products and services to help manage service quality. Based on the strengths and weaknesses we identify through this method, we then define our service quality improvement objectives and develop action plans to meet these objectives.

We rely on a thorough analysis of customer feedback on our products and services to help manage service quality

The main instruments for measuring service quality include:

  • Customer Voice. A system of studies that includes:
    • Customer satisfaction and loyalty surveys;
    • Evaluation of the quality of customer service at Bank outlets (using “mystery shoppers”);
    • Evaluation of the quality of call centre service (using “mystery shoppers”);
  • Internal inspections to gauge the quality of service at customer service outlets;
  • A range of customer feedback channels.

The launch of the Customer Voice system of studies was an important event in 2011. The system allows us to evaluate the quality of Sberbank’s customer interactions in key sales channels at different stages of the decision-making processes.

Key topics of interest to retail and corporate customers

Medium-sized businesses Work of account managers
Remote banking services
Tailored approach to clients
Pricing policy
Call centre services
Service conditions at Bank offices
Quality of service at outlets
Pricing policy
Tailored approach to clients
Remote banking services
Call centre services
Small and micro businesses
Largest corporate customers Corporate governance standards
Account managers
Credit analysts
Communications with the Bank’s top management
Banking products
Tailored approach to clients
Remote service channels
Pricing policy
Cash and settlement office specialists
Work of personnel
Organisation of work at outlets
Service time
Cash machines and terminals
Outlet opening hours
Call centre
Functioning of the website
Remote banking services
Retail customers

According to the results of a series of customer satisfaction and service quality surveys carried out since 2009, the overall level of customer satisfaction in the retail business increased 4% over two years, reaching 80% in 2011. Most key customer satisfaction indicators have also increased significantly. Service quality at Bank outlets increased 8% compared to 2010. In 2012, we plan to introduce more rigorous approaches towards evaluation of the quality of service, focusing on employee compliance with service standards and sales techniques.

In order to improve the quality of service, in 2011 we implemented a number of activities including, amongst others:

  • Training client-facing employees in service standards and complaint handling procedures;
  • Training all service outlet managers and their deputies in dayto- day monitoring of the quality of service at customer service outlets;
  • Including quality of service indicators in the motivation system for various employee categories.
* Quality index — an integral indicator reflecting the quality of employee work, the external and internal appearance of customer service outlets and time spent being served. ** Service standards index — an indicator reflecting the level of compliance with the Bank’s service standards..


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