No Queues!

We designed an integrated programme to reduce queues at our outlets that will help significantly reduce service costs. Our objective for 2012 is to reduce customer waiting time at outlets equipped with electronic queue systems to 10 minutes

Queue reduction programme results in 2011

Queue reduction programme results 2010 2011
Number of Bank outlets equipped with electronic queue systems 900 2,250
Percentage of customers waiting in line for over 15 minutes 41% 13%
Percentage of pensioners receiving pensions in a card account 25% 38%

In our drive to reduce waiting time, we had to make serious changes to the logic of our work and the Bank’s internal processes. In particular, in 2011 we:

  • Changed the principles behind how we organise the working process and determine employee working schedules;
  • Developed performance standards for the Bank’s organisational units and regional and outlet managers;
  • Undertook a major programme to train employees in queue reduction techniques;
  • Took steps to ensure continuous monitoring and effective handling of customer complaints about queues at Bank outlets;
  • Appointed experts to provide assistance at outlets with these biggest queue waiting times at all regional banks;
  • Introduced new key performance indicators for queue reduction that affect remuneration for employees and managers at all organisational levels of the Bank.


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