Interview Torbakhov

Alexander TorbakhovMember and Deputy Chairman
of the Management Board
>> We pay particular attention to service quality indicators. One such indicator is the amount of time customers spent waiting in queues in Bank outlets. Sberbank has invested a significant sum in a system of measures aimed at reducing waiting time

Special equipment has been installed at many of our outlets to measure, and by the end of 2011, to manage queue waiting time. According to our data, the percentage of customers queuing for over 15 minutes decreased to 13%. By the end of 2012, we plan to substantially improve this indicator: for 90% of our customers, waiting time will not exceed 10 minutes.

In order to address the issue of queues in the most effective and efficient manner, we are changing traditional service models. We actively encourage customers who have traditionally been using paper bankbooks to switch to card-based services as part of the Social Card project. Customers lose nothing by switching to the new service and in fact they gain access to a broad range of retail banking services in addition to traditional cash deposits and withdrawals. Our concerns that elderly customers may find it inconvenient to use plastic cards proved wrong — only 2% of customers within this age group refuse to use a card. In 2012, we plan to continue expanding the age range of customers serviced through the Social Card project.


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