The Ideas Exchange and Crowdsourcing

We believe that innovation and the adoption of state-of-the-art solutions are the main factors ensuring steady growth for any financial services business. The introduction and active use of advanced technologies and management methods helps us continuously maintain a competitive edge in the financial services market.

In 2011, the overall number of users of the Ideas Exchanges exceeded 190,000. Our employees and customers submitted over 80,000 ideas and suggestions. Over that period, more than 8,500 suggestions were implemented, with the overall financial benefit exceeding RUB 7 billion.

In 2011, building on approaches from the Ideas Exchange system, we implemented a project unique to Russia that used crowdsourcing to identify future development paths for the Bank. Over 120,000 people from Russia and 78 other countries took part in the Sberbank 21 project.

Jointly with our partners, WikiVote! and Witology we received a huge number of ideas and suggestions. The best suggestions were selected by project participants themselves. 15 winning projects were selected and 3 reports were prepared. These reports were:

  • Sberbank 21: Future
  • Russia 21: Progress
  • Innovation 21: Crowdsourcing.

The projects and reports were presented by the winners at an international finance conference held in honour of the Bank’s 170th anniversary. Project materials will be used in the preparation of a new Sberbank development strategy.


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