Sberbank Production System. Version 2.0.

In 2009, the Bank embarked on a new major project — the Sberbank Production System (SPS). The project focused primarily on orienting the Bank’s business towards customer needs and ensuring a continuous improvement in the quality of customer service by, among other means, enhancing internal business processes. In 2011, the Bank optimised 127 business processes, achieving an 11.5% increase in workforce productivity.

SPS rollout indicators

Indicator 2011 Total
Number of Sberbank organisational units where SPS has been implemented (including regional banks) 1,692 6,240
Staff size of Sberbank organisational units where SPS has been implemented (including regional banks) 27,460 101,272
Number of employees who received training under SPS programmes 30,469 88,889
Overall financial benefit from SPS implementation, RUB billion 2.9 30.0

In 2011, we held our 3rd SPS Conference. Over 400 staff members from the Central Head Office and regional banks attended. Participants represented all functions of the Bank, which was a reflection of the scope and depth of the transformation and the involvement of all Sberbank’s divisions in the process. The conference agenda included discussions around various aspects of SPS rollout at regional banks and service outlets and an analysis of future development prospects for SPS.

One of the key events of 2011 was the approval and initial rollout of a new improved version of the system SPS 2.0 which focuses on optimising the Bank’s internal processes through better organisation of the work of supporting divisions providing services to internal clients within Sberbank.


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