Improving product and service quality

Ensuring that the quality of the Bank’s products and services remains high is a key objective that forms the foundation of sustainable relationships with customers. We want the quality of service to be the key reason our customers keep coming back to Sberbank.

Our efforts to improve product and service quality cover two interrelated areas: internal changes and in-depth analysis of feedback from our customers. Feedback helps us better understand customer needs and adjust our services accordingly so that we can ensure the highest level of quality.

The most important quality boosting initiatives in 2011 included SPS 2.0, a new stage in the development of the Sberbank Production System (SPS 2.0), significant progress in the implementation of the No Queues! programme, improving service quality for sales of loan products and a number of initiatives to improve financial literacy. Guided by ethical business principles, we pay great attention to providing customers with complete information about the terms and conditions associated with our products and services and implement a system of measures to counteract illegal practices.

With regard to customer feedback, we continued to develop our customer complaint handling system, achieved a new level of quality in our approaches towards assessing customer satisfaction and actively promoted a range of channels for feedback through social networks.

The Ideas Exchange project deserves a special mention. Today this project is both an instrument of internal transformation within the Bank and a customer feedback channel. In fact, this technology is unique in Russian business and helps us mobilise the creative potential of both the Bank’s employees and customers. In 2011, we piloted crowdsourcing — a new technology to us — and we plan to use it to further develop the Ideas Exchange.


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