Ensuring Procurement Transparency

Building on our previous successes, we continued throughout 2011 to improve approaches towards procurement through our specialised subsidiary, CJSC Sberbank-AST. The Bank works to ensure the utmost transparency of its procurement activities and reduce corruption risks. The main results of the Bank’s efforts to improve procurement transparency included:

  • Conducting 1,877 electronic auctions to procure goods and services for the Bank, which led to savings worth RUB 2,659 million.

Sberbank-AST also provides procurement services to customers receiving funds from the federal and regional budgets. We are currently increasing our efforts to expand the company’s customer base.

Sberbank-AST, a subsidiary of Sberbank, is the largest electronic government procurement services provider in Russia. In 2011 its share in the total volume of government procurement through electronic auctions increased from 56% to 61.4%.

Sberbank-AST was named Company of the Year 2011 in the IT (eTrading) category of the National Business Awards.

Activities of CJSC Sberbank-AST as a government procurement services provider

Indicator 2010 2011
Number of auctions announced 78,053 523,211
Total worth of announced auctions (RUB million) 410,434 2,068,004
Number of suppliers accredited for participation in electronic auctions 34,378 93,224
Sberbank-AST’s share of total government procurement volume through electronic auctions 56% 61%

At the beginning of 2011, Sberbank-AST was competitively selected to operate the Official Government Procurement Portal of the Russian Federation (zakupki.gov.ru) used to publish tender notifications. The company provided information and technical support for the portal during the complicated period while it was launched and began initial operations.

Results of activities of CJSC Sberbank-AST as operator of the Government Procurement Portal

Indicator 2011
Number of customers in the RF 197,500
Number of users from customer organisations 453,200
Number of consultations provided More than 511,000

Furthermore, the Regulation on Procurement by OJSC Sberbank of Russia dated 5 December 2011 was developed and approved by Sberbank’s Supervisory Board. The document was adopted to accommodate the requirements of the Federal Law dated 18 July 2011 No. 223-FZ On the Procurement of Goods and Services by Certain Categories of Legal Entities, improve the transparency and fairness of procurement procedures, prevent discrimination and unreasonable restriction of competition, ensure proper and efficient use of funds in the procurement of goods and services and reduce the Bank’s procurement costs.

In 2011, Sberbank-AST again renewed its permit to conduct bankruptcy sales, confirming its compliance with the respective requirements.

Results of Sberbank-AST ’s bankruptcy sale activities

Indicator 2010 2011
Number of sales 414 7,389
Total starting price (RUB million) 10,315 72,208
Number of participants 154 1,800
Number of sales organisers 135 826


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