Supporting Small- and Medium- Sized Businesses

In 2011, we continued to step up our efforts to support small- and medium-sized business customers. We strive not only to offer quality banking products and services to small- and medium-sized enterprises but also to ensure a high level of customer service, thus building loyalty to the Bank.

We continuously work to improve access for small- and medium-sized businesses to financing. Taking into account the needs of our customers, we have been improving our range of loan products. Currently Sberbank’s line of loan products contains 12 offerings for small- and medium-sized businesses, including the Trust, Business Start and Business Project loans.

We continuously work to improve access for small- and medium-sized businesses to financing

In 2011, based on lessons learned from the implementation of Sberbank’s Small- and Medium-Sized Business Support Programme, we developed and approved a Small and Micro Business Development Concept through 2014. The main priorities of the Concept include:

  • Providing a set of financial and non-financial products and services targeting small business customers.
  • Gaining leading positions in the small business segment of the market.
  • Expanding our network of business development centres.
  • Partnering with governmental and non-governmental small- and medium-sized business support institutions, including entrepreneur associations.
Launching a Poultry Facility at Inzhavinskaya Farm

2011 saw the launch of a poultry facility in the Tambov Region town of Inzhavino. The facility is operated by CJSC Inzhavinskaya Poultry Farm, a subsidiary of Prioskolye Group — the largest producer of poultry meat in Russia. This investment project not only helped expand poultry meat production but also provided a foundation for the development of a number of associated businesses and sectors in the Tambov Regions, creating 250 new jobs.

The Prioskolye Group — a Russian poultry meat market leader and a strategic customer of Sberbank — is top of the Agro 300 Club, a list of the 300 most effective and successful Russian agricultural businesses. The Group works with two of our regional banks: Tsentralno-Chernozemny Bank and Sibirsky Bank.

As a part of efforts to expand mutually beneficial cooperation, in 2011 the Bank promoted dialogue with small- and medium-sized businesses within the framework of various business events. Jointly with the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Opora Russia, the Association of Young Entrepreneurs, the Russian Microfinance Centre and Delovaya Rossiya, we held a number of major events attended by more than 40,000 entrepreneurs.

Major events for small businesses

Partner Event
Association of Young Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurship: Strategies and Prospects — Youth Innovation Forum
Chamber of Commerce and Industry 11th National Conference for Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises
Russian Microfinance Centre 10th National Microfinance Conference

In 2011, Opora Russia, a national non-governmental small- and medium-sized business association, became our strategic partner, with its president, Sergey Borisov, being appointed Vice President of Sberbank. Having retained the position of Head of Opora Russia, he is able to support small businesses while considering the interests of both entrepreneurs and the Bank.

In order to step up activities in this area and support the implementation of our Small Business Development Concept, the Bank created a dedicated department for liaising with entrepreneur associations and monitoring conditions for small business development. Managers responsible for this have been assigned in regional banks.

Main areas of the Bank’s coo peration with Opora Russia in 2011

Area of collaboration Result
Development of mobile solutions for small businesses (Opora Russia) Minimised the Bank’s credit risks, simplified the process for inexperienced entrepreneurs starting up a new business
Entrepreneurial Climate in Russia: the Opora Index 2010-2011 — a global research project Obtained a better understanding of the business climate in different regions and selected lower-risk regions to pilot the Business Start project
The Russian Business Success Awards (Opora Credit) Promoted the Bank’s new small business support strategy and built relationships with regional governments in this field

The award ceremony was held at the 2011 Sochi International Investment Forum.

One of the Bank’s priorities is participating in government programmes to provide financial support for small- and medium-sized businesses. We do this through partnering with a network of guarantee funds that includes 78 regional funds created under government programmes. In 2011, the Bank extended over RUB 8 billion of loans guaranteed by the funds.


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