Growth Prospects

If we are to implement our Development Strategy through 2014, we need to achieve results in 2012 that will allow us to finance a number of different strategic initiatives. To this end, we will need to address the following critical objectives and achieve key performance indicators.

In terms of finance, we plan to become the Russian banking market leader in financial effectiveness. This means improving the quality of our loan portfolio, ensuring the recoverability of non-performing loans, maintaining interest margins on all key products and monitoring our operating expenses.

Our customer service agenda includes:

  • Significantly improving perceptions of the Bank and increasing retail and corporate customer satisfaction. To achieve this, we will continue working to eliminate queues and introduce innovative services and products.
  • Increasing our footprint in key segments of the financial market to achieve an overall increase in our Russian banking market share by assets.

In order to advance processes and technologies in 2012, we plan to ensure strong growth, increase productivity and implement a number of strategic initiatives and solutions, including:

  • Completing implementation of our process- and function-based model
  • Ensuring centralised, standardised and efficient processes across operating and support functions
  • Continuing to centralise our IT infrastructure
  • Continuing to reformat our branch network to successfully achieve our growth objectives.

Governance and HR are important drivers of the Bank’s success. The following points are on our agenda for 2012:

  • Developing the Sberbank group as a holding structure and introducing consistent risk management and IT policies across the group.
  • Fostering a unified corporate culture across the Group to facilitate ongoing improvements and encourage change and innovation.
  • Implementing a comprehensive HR development system.
  • Increasing the transparency and effectiveness of performance management by developing a balanced assessment scorecard.


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