As of 31 December 2011, the Bank’s share capital totalled RUB 67.76 billion and consisted of 21,586,948,000 ordinary shares and 1,000,000,000 preferred shares with a par value of RUB 3. Sberbank’s principal shareholder is the Bank of Russia, which owns the majority of the Bank’s voting shares (60.25%).

Share capital structure

  2009 2010 2011
Bank of Russia 57.58 57.58 57.58
Foreign legal entities 24.26 32.12 33.43
Russian legal entities 9.49 4.21 4.16
Foreign private investors 0.01 0.01 0.01
Russian private investors 8.66 6.08 4.82

Sberbank is a public company. Its shares are in free float on the Russian stock market. In 2011 Sberbank shares continued to be the most liquid instruments on the Russian stock market; the average daily trading volume of Sberbank ordinary shares accounted for 34% of total trading on MICEX.

An ADR programme was launched for Sberbank ordinary shares in June 2011. To facilitate access for foreign investors, the Bank arranged for ADRs to be traded in London and Frankfurt.

In 2011, Russian share prices were affected by deteriorating financial markets globally. Additionally, the eurozone debt crisis further pushed down share prices for both European and Russian banks. In 2011 the MICEX and RTS indices dropped 17% and 22% respectively, while the price of Sberbank ordinary shares declined 24%. Despite the lower share price, Sberbank was ranked as the 19th largest major global bank by market capitalisation in the FT Global 500.

Sberbank’s share price and market capitalisation

  2010 2011
Source: Bloomberg
Ordinary shares (MICEX), RUB per share 79.4 104.4
Preferred shares (MICEX), RUB per share 59.2 75.1
MICEX index 1,402 1,688
RTS index 1,382 1,770

In February 2012, the Economist ranked Sberbank shares as the second best performing stock in the past decade. According to the magazine, USD 100 invested in Sberbank stock ten years ago would today give an income of USD 3,772. Sberbank was topped only by Apple Inc. (USD 3,919). There was only one other bank in the top ten — Banco do Brasil, which ranked 8th, yielding USD 1,150.

  2009 2010 2011
Source: FT Global 500
Market capitalisation, USD billion 61.8 76.1 54.8
Rank among global banks by market capitalisation 18 15 19


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