Retail deposit operations

While retail deposits remained a key source of funding for the Bank’s operations, their level grew more slowly than that of lending volumes, reflecting an overall trend in the banking sector. Furthermore, aggressive policies adopted by our competitors contributed to a decline in Sberbank’s share of the deposit market. With all these factors in mind, the Bank shifted its focus in 2011 towards stimulating the inflow of retail deposits through improved value propositions. Our new offers — Save Online, Top-Up Online and Manage Online with higher interest rates are only available through Sberbank Online, our online banking platform. To attract more customers, we also launched International, a new savings account that can be opened in British Pounds Sterling, Swiss Francs or Japanese Yen. Aside from a guaranteed interest rate, account holders can also benefit from foreign exchange rate change.

Retail deposit operations in regions

The Bank’s retail deposit balance rose 18.4% year-on-year to RUB 5,726 billion, with the influx primarily driven by term deposits. Over the year, the number of retail deposits increased by 23 million to more than 364 million.

With a market share of 46.6%*, Sberbank has the largest portfolio of personal savings deposits in Russia. The Bank offers its deposit products in all regions of Russia. Our market share varies by region depending on different economic factors, including the competitive landscape in each particular region. As of 31 December 2011, Sberbank occupied 33.7% of the Moscow market** and 71.5%*** of the market in the area served by Srednerussky Bank, which represent, respectively, our minimum and a maximum shares in the retail deposit markets of our territorial banks. As of 31 December 2010, the smallest and largest market shares were recorded in the same regions (34.9% in Moscow and 72.1% in the area served by Srednerussky Bank).

* This data is calculated as of 31 December 2011 for Sberbank as a whole.
** This data includes the aggregate share of Moskovsky Bank and Sberbank’s Central Office in the Moscow market.
*** Srednerussky Bank operates in the Bryansk Region, Kaluga Region, Moscow Region, Ryazan Region, Smolensk Region, Tver Region and Tula Region.


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